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Think Like a Leader

Become a Leader
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About Bobblehead Podcast

The Bobblehead Podcast is a guide to being your best self in high stress high stakes environments. Most people want success in terms of careers, relationships, and finances, but there is a disconnect.

Achieving success across these different areas requires hard work, drive, and determination, but it also requires forming the right mindset which does not happen overnight. Join us on this podcast as we discuss how we’ve experienced success and failures across our past and current evolving challenges. In the end success should not cost you your sanity or relationships, and that’s what we’re here to achieve.

Meet Your Hosts

Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott

Tim Elliott is a serial entrepreneur and mindset guru. With a goal focused on creating a new class of leaders through the Access Points Podcast, Tim teaches entrepreneurs how to think differently so they can create massive professional and personal success.

Davin Marceau

Davin Marceau

Davin Marceau is a Army Ranger turned Chief Operating Officer. He’s no-nonsense, and he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Davin forces the difficult conversations that are necessary for success, because if you’re not being honest with yourself about then what are you doing?

Core Topics


How we become a better leaders and create leaders


How to think about your thinking and what it’s important


Personal stories as to what has worked, what hasn’t, and what we’ve learned

Join the Conversation

In building a high performance mindset required to build professional and personal success without sacrificing your sanity or family along the way.